Dutch facility to implement AI software for lung nodule management

2021 02 02 17 39 1965 Lung Cancer Ct 3d 400

The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) has announced it will implement Veye Chest, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for lung nodule management.

The software, developed by Aidence, is designed to assist with the detection and follow-up of potential lung metastases on CT. It provides objective volumetric analysis of lung nodules and can assess changes over time, which reports suggest improves accuracy and efficiency in reporting follow-up scans, according to the vendor.

Veye Chest is a CE-certified second or concurrent reader used in routine practice and lung cancer screening across Europe. At NKI, it will analyze over 15,000 chest CTs per year and the additional prior scans for approximately 80% of studies, the company stated.

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