U.K. med-tech firm announces name change and rebranding

2019 01 10 22 33 4498 Ultrasound Transducer 400

Oxford Enhanced Medical has changed its name to Sonosine and launched rebranding efforts with a new website.

The company's Electro Magnetic Acoustics (EMA) imaging technology is embedded in its Pulsar 1, a system that uses radio signals as well as ultrasound to reveal tissue types in areas of concern that ultrasound alone cannot detect. The handheld and mobile Pulsar 1 device allows for on-the-spot diagnoses with images comparable to MRI, according to Sonosine. The technology is easy to integrate into existing commercial scanners, it added.

The original company was established in 2006 at the University of Oxford by founder and chief technology officer Prof. David Edwards.

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