French union reelects Masson as president for third term

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France's national union of private radiologists (Fédération Nationale des Médecins Radiologues, FNMR) has unanimously reelected Dr. Jean-Philippe Masson as its president for a third term.

Masson, who was general secretary of the FNMR from 2005 to 2014, before being elected president in 2014, started his new term on 3 June. He has codirected the Tivoli Dôme Imaging group in the department of Aude for the past 34 years and is a board member of the French Society of radiology and a member of the American College of Radiology's Artificial Intelligence Commission.

Dr. Jean-Philippe Masson. Image courtesy of FNMR.Dr. Jean-Philippe Masson. Image courtesy of FNMR.

Under Masson's presidency, FNMR has obtained a three-year agreement with the national health insurance body (Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie, CNAM), based on act pertinence which aims at promoting quality while stabilizing the tariffs for radiological acts.

Masson also successfully led the fight to get 'Code Z', specific to radiology tariffs, reestablished after it was removed by the same body -- the coefficient was officially reestablished on 1 January 2020. In addition, together with other members of the Professional Council, Masson has been instrumental in helping create DRIM France IA, a new radiology artificial intelligence ecosystem.

The other newly elected FNMR officials are as follows:

  • First vice president: Bruno Silberman
  • General secretaries: Jean-Christophe Delesalle, Jean-Charles Leclerc
  • Vice general secretaries: Paul Marie Blayac, Philippe Coquel
  • Treasurer: Dominique Masseys
  • Vice treasurer: Jean-Charles Guilbeau
  • Project vice presidents: Eric Chavigny, Eric Guillemot, Gregory Lenczner
  • Vice presidents responsible for relations with medical unions: Philippe Arramon Tucco (CSMF), Eric Chevallier (Avenir spé), Jean-Louis Puech (SML), Pierre-Jean Ternamian (FMF)
  • Vice presidents: Jean-Charles Bourras, François Brunetti, Philippe Caquelin, François Chavatte, Alexandra Coupteau, Alain Francois, and Sébastien Thiriat

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