Imaging must continue in new French lockdown, FNMR urges

2017 07 11 10 22 25 390 French Flag 400

France's national union of private radiologists (Fédération nationale des médecins radiologues, FNMR) has underlined the need to carry on scanning and caring for patients during the country's second lockdown, which began just after midnight on 30 October.

In a statement, the FNMR noted that health safety measures can ensure the protection of patients and staff in radiology departments so that exams and follow-up continue in the best conditions. These measures mean that no diagnosis or subsequent treatment need be delayed. Importantly, the measures will allow radiologists to perform organized and individual breast cancer screening exams, it added.

The FNMR is now waiting for official governmental communication from the regional health agencies that will not dissuade patients from attending appointments and will also actively encourage them not to delay going to medical facilities and undergoing imaging exams. The union also calls on all private radiologists to maintain activity during this second lockdown in the interests of their patients.

During the first lockdown, which began in mid-March, a lack of personal protective equipment forced many centers to reduce their activity, and governmental communication had panicked patients into avoiding attending medical appointments, including imaging, with the result that many diagnoses and follow-up treatments were delayed, according to the FNMR.

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