French hospital showcases state-of-the-art imaging hub

Valenciennes Hospital (Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes - CHV), in partnership with GE Healthcare, has announced that its new Signa Premier 3-tesla MRI system aims to cut waiting times for certain diagnoses, while the "cockpit" can guide imaging activities using integrated artificial intelligence (AI).

The 17 million euro investment in technology places imaging at the heart of patient care and represents a first for French public hospitals, according to a joint statement from CHV and GE Healthcare, who have signaled the completion of the healthcare project.

The partnership has bolstered access to high-end imaging with integrated AI in the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and it makes CHV the first public general hospital with such innovation, according to spokespersons from both CHV and GE Healthcare.

The 3-tesla MRI scanner will provide improved precision with rapid acquisition time for the early diagnosis of conditions such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Meanwhile, the imaging cockpit will aggregate equipment usage information, such as exam duration and conditions, and combine it with data from the hospital information system, such as the number of patients per day and arrival time. By combining the data, the hospital can get a better picture of equipment use and identify ways to improve the performance of the facility, according to the joint statement.

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