5 facts to know about JFR president | AI studies come up short on quality | Can an AI algorithm fool radiologists?

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Dr. Catherine Adamsbaum, president of the upcoming French congress of radiology (JFR) in Paris, is a fine example of the type of individual who now tends to be in charge of a major meeting.

As our exclusive interview reveals, she's a rounded and vibrant person with strong ideas and a wide range of interests, including dancing the tango. We could have listed 20 fascinating facts about her, but we limited ourselves to the five best ones.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of special interest for Adamsbaum, so no doubt she'll be keen to read our report about the lack of quality and scientific rigor in many AI studies. The authors of a new Lancet investigation have highlighted the serious inadequacies of research in this field and the scope for massive improvement. Go to the Artificial Intelligence Community.

This week's third AI story is about generative adversarial networks, or GANs. A respected group of researchers from Zurich has urged the medical imaging community to take more notice of this subclass of deep-learning algorithms. Don't miss our news report.

In our fourth AI article, Kicky van Leeuwen and her colleagues from Groningen and Twente university hospitals in the Netherlands have revealed the findings of their survey about attitudes regarding AI. Conducted between autumn 2018 and spring 2019, the analysis is worth a close look.

A radiographer must not be an anonymous lead apron. That was the central message of a webinar organized by the British Institute of Radiology. Speaker Baruch Videan urged newly qualified radiographers to get better known, and he had some useful tips on using social media. Get them in the CT Community.

For a woman with a breast lump, a biopsy is usually undertaken if the patient is older than 25, but the age limit could probably be extended to 35 without having a substantial effect on diagnostic accuracy, provided certain criteria are met, according to Dr. Christopher Loughran, an experienced clinical radiologist. He's analyzed the cases of over 100 young women who underwent ultrasound-guided breast core biopsy, and his results may lead to a change in best practice.

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