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For all its benefits, speech recognition software can also introduce some awkward errors if radiologists aren't vigilant, particularly when it comes to editing their reports.

In a recent retrospective audit, a U.K. research team determined -- not too surprisingly -- that long and complicated radiology reports had an increased risk for errors attributed to speech recognition software. Find out what else they found by clicking here.

In other articles this month in your Healthcare Informatics Digital Community, Stephen Holloway, associate director of medical devices and healthcare IT research at IHS, takes a close look at the health information exchange (HIE) market.

HIE is still in its infancy in Europe, but the technology matters for a number of key reasons, including its ability to provide improved collaboration between disciplines, access to best-of-breed departmental IT, and a foundation for population health management. Learn more by journeying here.

The healthcare informatics marketplace will surely be affected by the announcement earlier this month that Cerner will be buying the Health Services business of Siemens Healthcare. Get the details here.

Dr. Neelam Dugar of Doncaster Royal Infirmary in the U.K., discusses the concept of "actionable reports" and how it relates to teleradiology in her latest column. Speaking of teleradiology, Simon Mellor of the Telemedicine Clinic, also in the U.K., provides his thoughts here on why teleradiology companies must strive for quality.

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