SyntheticMR lands Swedish install

Medical imaging software developer SyntheticMR of Stockholm has sold its MRI software to Umeå University Hospital to monitor treatment for patients with multiple sclerosis.

The sale of the firm's SyMRI Diagnostics software was made by Sectra, which has a distribution agreement with SyntheticMR.

The software uses a rapid MRI scan that provides a measurement for patient tissue properties. Conventional MR images and tissue images can be generated using these properties, reducing exam time and improving decision support for radiologists, according to the company.

The software will be seamlessly integrated into Umeå University Hospital's RIS and PACS from Sectra. The objective of neurologist Dr. Anders Svenningsson is to integrate the SyMRI Diagnostics approach into the Swedish multiple sclerosis registry, a nationwide database, to have more accurate follow-up possibilities for patients.

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