3 easy ways to avoid being sued; free apps for smartphones; teleradiology debate

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It's rare for lawyers to speak at medical congresses, so it was a brave decision by Dr. Markus Ludvik to accept the invitation of ECR 2015 organizers to take part in a professional challenges session. The Vienna-based lawyer made a big impression on delegates, so we went along to his office to ask him to explain how radiologists can avoid becoming embroiled in the growing number of malpractice claims.

Don't miss his practical tips and suggestions, which you can get by clicking here.

Smartphone apps can help boost efficiency and productivity, says French researcher Dr. Louis Lassalle, who has plenty of relevant experience after developing free radiology apps for the past four years. Find out more about his pioneering work in our Healthcare Informatics Community, or click here.

And while you're visiting the community, make sure you read Dr. Neelam Dugar's latest column. She argues that the limitations of teleradiology reporting need to be understood better, and that this type of work should be avoided in daytime emergency and inpatient reporting, special interest reporting, and general physician chest x-ray reporting.

What's new in the CT market in Europe? Quite a lot, it seems. Business analyst Nicola Goatman keeps a close eye on this modality, and you can read her latest analysis in our CT Community or by clicking here.

Coronary calcium is a strongly heritable trait, but noncalcified plaque burden is more a factor of lifestyle and environment, according to a new Budapest study of twins presented at ECR 2015. Visit our Cardiac Imaging Community, or click here.

Finally, our editorial advisor Dr. Anagha Parkar has prepared a case report about a woman in her late 40s with increasing knee pain. She had suffered a twisting injury and fall on her left knee a decade ago. Test your diagnostic skills by clicking here, and make sure you continue to use our Case of the Week feature.

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