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*Click here for help with this report.
Here are some helpful tips for using this report...
To sort the columns, click on the desired column heading. Click again to reverse the sort order
Click on the item's "Headline/Subject Line" to view additional information about the item
Click on the icon in the "Stats" column for a choice of associated statistical reports
Use the "Filter contract items by:" drop-down box to filter items by the "Type" column
Use the "By Date:" filter boxes to narrow your report information to a desired time frame
  Note: When you filter the results "By Date:" the "End Date" column becomes the "Days Viewed" column (see below)
The "Days Viewed" column indicates the number of days, in the date-filtered results, the ad or broadcast has been viewed - followed by the number of total days in the contract
  Example 1: An ad that runs from Feb 1 to Feb 28. If today is Feb 10 and a date filter that encompasses the month of Feb is applied - the "Days Viewed" column will show: 10 of 28
  Example 2: An ad that runs from Feb 1 to Feb 28. If today is Feb 10 and a date filter that begins Feb 5 through March 1 is applied - the "Days Viewed" column will show: 5 of 28
To download an Excel version of the report click on the "Download current results " link above the filter controls
  Note: The Excel download link will download filtered report results. To download an unfiltered report, be sure to click the [ Reset ] button in the filter controls prior to clicking on the download link
Q: Why didn't my report change after modifying the "By Date:" filter values?
A: Remember that you must click the [ Filter ] button after changing filter control values to apply the filter.
  Note: Depending on the current sort order, the impact of date filters may not be immediately apparent because they may only affect records at the bottom of the report (below the viewport).
Expandable ads allow site members to see an alternate, expanded version of an ad by clicking on it. This is considered both a 'click' on the expandable ad and a 'view' in the Expanded Ad Statistics. The 'Clicks' of the expandable ad and the 'Views' of the Expanded Ad Statistics should coincide
  Note: In some cases the expandable ad will include a clickable area that does not expand the ad, thus, in some cases, there are more clicks counted than views recorded in the Expanded Ad Statistics. This causes the click rate to appear as a number greater than 100%.
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