Week in Review: 10 rules for sharing data | Transphobia & requesting female-born medics | How 3D printing improves cardiac care

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Welcome to this first edition of Week in Review, in which we provide you with a summary of our coverage of European radiology for the past seven days.

The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists has published a new report about how to ensure patient confidentiality. It contains a wealth of practical tips and hints, including 10 rules for sharing patient data and images by email.

Another major story this week concerned a patient who asked for her breast screening examination to be carried out by a female-born radiographer. Hospital managers viewed this request as transphobic, and although they have issued an apology, their attitude has led to a storm of controversy. Go the Women's Imaging Community.

There are no specific guidelines about when to use 3D printing over augmented reality (AR) for different clinical scenarios, but researchers from Poland and Canada are convinced that AR and 3D printing go together well, particularly in the cardiac field. Don't miss our news report. You'll find it in the Advanced Visualization Community.

Can artificial intelligence (AI) produce high-quality whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI in a more timely and cost-effective manner? Researchers attempted to answer this question at the recent RSNA meeting in Chicago. Their results are worth a close look in the Artificial Intelligence Community.

In another AI study presented at RSNA 2019, a Dutch group outlined how it developed an algorithm that can accurately detect vertebral fractures on CT images that contain the spine, enabling opportunistic screening of these patients.

Prof. Jacob Sosna, president of the Israel Radiological Association, has some interesting views on AI and workflow, and he's shared them in a revealing question-and-answer interview about the future of radiology.

Next week, we'll again send you an update about our latest articles on Tuesday, followed by the second edition of Week in Review. We hope you like and enjoy this enhanced communication and frequency.

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