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Have you heard the latest news about digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT)? A well-regarded research team, led by Dr. Fiona Gilbert from Cambridge, U.K., found combining DBT with standard 2D mammography -- or even synthetic mammography -- boosts specificity. By how much? And what about sensitivity? Read more.

In other news, Norwegian researchers found adding DBT to full-field digital mammography improves cancer detection in women with dense breast tissue by 30% versus mammography alone. Learn more.

Gynecological neuroendocrine tumors don't get as much air time as DBT and breast cancer, but they are important nevertheless. They share certain characteristics radiologists need to know about, and it's also vital to differentiate these tumors from metastatic disease and other carcinomas. Find out more about these tumors.

Also in your Women's Imaging Community, award-winning research from Spain reviews the postmortem MRI protocols in evaluating fetuses and stillborn neonates. In their study, the researchers' goals were to learn how the normal central nervous system (CNS) findings related to the postmortem status and to correlate the MRI findings in CNS diseases with intrauterine sonography and histopathology.

A new method for classifying breast microcalcifications using x-ray phase-contrast imaging emerged at the recent RSNA meeting. The technique may help improve early breast cancer diagnosis, increase diagnostic accuracy, and reduce the number of biopsies of suspicious lesions.

In addition, read about how PET/CT with the radioisotope F-18 fluoroethylcholine is a feasible and promising imaging alternative to FDG-PET/CT in detecting cervical and endometrial tumors, according to a U.K. pilot study also presented at RSNA 2014.

Another RSNA 2014 story not to be missed, discusses how adding diffusion-weighted imaging to FDG-PET/MRI to stage women with primary or recurrent pelvic malignancies contributes minimal value and is not worth the additional scan time.

Are you going to ECR 2015? If so, please do get in touch and let us know about your plans for the congress. Make sure you check back for all the latest news during ECR, but in the meantime, scroll below for all the latest women's imaging news.

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