Kosovo hospitals implement United Imaging's MR, CT

United Imaging is highlighting two recent installations in Kosovo through its joint efforts with NeuralMed.

One installation is at Prizren Regional Hospital in Prizren, a facility that provides access to approximately 250,000 people. Prizren chose the uMR 588, an AI-enabled 1.5-tesla MRI scanner.

For neuroimaging, the uMR 588 produces parameter maps, such as such as fractional anisotropy (FA), relative anisotropy, apparent diffusion coefficient, and color FA, according to United Imaging.

The other installation is at Unicamed Hospital in Gjilan, a hospital that serves just over 90,000. Unicamed will begin using United Imaging's uCT 528, an 80-slice CT device, and uDR 266i, a DR system.

United Imaging noted that the uCT 528 features an iterative denoising algorithm in addition to its uECO mode that saves up to 30% of power consumption compared to conventional standby mode.

The vendor has also announced the recent installation of a 3T Omega MRI system at the Cobellis Clinic in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, Italy.

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