Medicolegal and workforce issues dominate in list of top 10 articles for 2023

Medicolegal investigations and workforce-related issues feature prominently among's most popular articles in 2023. Our top 10 list has been published today.

The daily challenges facing radiology continue to rise sharply across Europe, which means there is an urgent need to make efficiency gains in clinical practice. Understandably, the prospect of a 7-minute MRI scan for stroke patients sounds very appealing, and this explains why our report on the topic was the most-viewed article this year.

X-ray remains an essential imaging modality, so the row over new U.K. standards for chest x-rays proved an extremely popular subject and is at number two in the top list. Another U.K. story – the murder conviction of neonatal nurse Lucy Letby – occupies the number three spot.

A report about how diagnostic services provider Unilabs sent over 170,000 imaging exams from Norwegian patients to a Romanian clinic for interpretation proved very popular. A breaking news story from Italy about an investigation into the work of two senior radiologists from Rome also caught your attention.

Below is the full top 10 list of articles on for 2023, as measured by member traffic. We very much look forward to providing you with further coverage in 2024.

Top 10 stories for 2023

  1. 7-minute MRI scan becomes viable option in acute stroke. Posted 28 February
  2. Controversy breaks out over new U.K. standards for chest x-rays. 4 July
  3. X-rays prove crucial in conviction of nurse who murdered 7 babies. 20 August
  4. Meet the 9 winners of the EuroMinnies 2023 awards. 15 February
  5. Unilabs embroiled in Romanian teleradiology scandal. 21 February
  6. MRI safety: What's the latest thinking on gadolinium retention? 9 October
  7. Investigation begins into work of senior Vatican radiologist. 24 July
  8. Radiologist's 37% error rate leads to review of scans. 6 November
  9. Do cancer screening exams really extend patients' lives? 28 August
  10. Momentum grows for MRI screening in prostate cancer. 21 August
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