Police investigate Swedish MRI accident | How to excel at MDT meetings | Exclusive report on French breast screening

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Last week's frightening accident in Sweden has focused attention on MRI safety and raised concerns about whether the medical imaging community may be taking safety for granted, given the maturity of the technology.

Several questions remain unanswered. How, exactly, did an experienced specialist nurse get pulled up into the scanner? What garment was he wearing? Why weren't the security guards made aware of the potential dangers of entering the MRI suite? What warning signs were on display? Hopefully the police investigation will provide some answers in the weeks ahead.

Don't miss our news report in the MRI Community.

No training manuals or textbooks tell you how to behave at multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings, and often it's a case of learning from your mistakes. Radiologists spend an increasing amount of time in these meetings, which can be an intimidating experience, and it's vital to ensure your views are heard, according to Dr. Giles Maskell. In his new column in the CT Community, he's got six practical tips for you.

France's approach to breast cancer screening was debated keenly at this month's national congress (JFR) in Paris. Urgent decisions are pending, particularly concerning the use of digital breast tomosynthesis and digital second reading of exams. We have an exclusive interview with Dr. Luc Ceugnart, who is head of imaging at the Oscar Lambret Centre in Lille.

Also in the Women's Imaging Community, you can learn more about how to optimize therapy for uterine fibroids. A Dutch study published on 15 October has found that MR-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound is a safe and effective procedure for uterine fibroids, and its reintervention rate compares well to that of uterine artery embolization.

Last week, 3D printing of internal anatomical structures was voted the Hottest Clinical Procedure by the judging panel of our sister site's prestigious 20th annual Minnies awards. This technology is having a particularly strong effect in cardiac care, as outlined by a group of international authors.

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