25 years of functional charlatans; fetal MRI evolves; screening for pancreatic cancer

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Functional brain imaging has come a long way over the past 25 years, but not every research item has been of the highest quality. On some occasions, scientific rigor has been lacking in this area, the Maverinck points out in his latest column.

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Fetal MRI also has evolved steadily during the last three decades, and Dr. Daniela Prayer and her colleagues in Vienna have conducted ground-breaking studies. Her group has collaborated with a radiologist from New Zealand, Dr. Adeline Lo, and they received an award for their work at ECR 2015. For the full story, go to our Women's Imaging Community, or click here.

Any research coming out of the prestigious Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm is worth a close look, so make sure you don't miss our news report about the use of MRI to screen people with a family history of pancreatic cancer. The authors believe this can reduce costs, increase availability, and guarantee the safety of the individuals under surveillance. Get the details here.

Also from Scandinavia, we have an article about how CT texture analysis is showing promising results in predicting outcomes prior to liver resection. To view the article by Dr. Anselm Schulz of Oslo University Hospital, click here.

Growth in point-of-care applications, workhorse solutions, and cost-efficiency dominate trends in the ultrasound sector, but premium systems still have a key place in the market, according to business analyst Nicola Goatman. To learn more, click here.

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