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Anterior cruciate ligament tears are fairly common injuries, particularly in contact sports, but a group of musculoskeletal specialists from Canada, Belgium, and the Republic of Ireland has deep concerns that far too little attention is given to age-specific MRI features.

These aspects can have a major impact on patient management, particularly in adolescents and children. For practical tips and tricks on imaging these cases, click here.

German researchers have found that cardiac FDG-PET/MRI is feasible on an integrated whole-body PET/MRI system, but they stress that the hybrid modality still must prove it adds clinical relevance to cases of ischemic heart disease. Get the details here.

François Hollande celebrates his first year as French president this month, but his government appears to have done little or nothing to solve the grave shortages of medical imaging equipment and the continued long waiting times for an MRI appointment throughout much of the country. To read more about the situation in France, click here.

Use of breast MRI to estimate tumor size in high-risk patients is comparable to the modality's performance for sporadic cancers, which means breast MRI can now safely be used for treatment planning, according to Dutch authors. Learn more here.

Having to perform repeat MRI examinations is a huge expense and a waste of resources, but what causes them? Portuguese researchers addressed this question and found that patient movement, as well as the use of incorrect technical parameters by radiographers, is often to blame. For the story, click here.

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