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We've posted two important articles from ECR 2013 today, and I'm sure you won't want to miss them.

First up is a news report about a highly original dementia study that won a prestigious Magna Cum Laude award from the judges of the electronic poster exhibition. The authors think this is the first-ever study directly comparing postmortem neuromelanin MRI and neuropathological findings in elderly patients. Click here to read more.

Our second ECR article originates from the Charité in Berlin. Radiologists at this famous institution have evaluated the ability of diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) to differentiate between ocular melanoma and retinal detachment, and how this can direct the appropriate proton beam therapy for patients. Get the story here.

Additionally, DWI can provide valuable qualitative and quantitative information about tumor cellularity and tissue structure in prostate cancer. Spanish researchers have found it can lead to improvements in detecting and staging prostate carcinoma. To find out more, click here. And at an ECR session about the abdomen, the focus was also on DWI's potential. Click here to learn more.

The European MRI market appears to be in a state of flux right now. Among the most notable current trends are the emergence of relatively low-cost 1.5-tesla systems, the growth of hybrid imaging techniques, and the clinical development of 7-tesla machines. Click here for our summary.

Finally, researchers from Saudi Arabia have warned that constant exposure to high-field systems may lead to psychological problems such as clinical depression among MRI radiographers. Read our report here.

This is only a brief selection of the many articles posted on the MRI Digital Community. Please do check out the rest of them.

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