France grabs the headlines; Strickland on teleradiology; mad cow disease & MRI

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

France has certainly been in the news over the past few days. First, there was the outcome of a major legal case involving doctors who were found guilty of administering radiation overdoses to patients.

On a more positive note, the country's radiologists and cardiologists then declared their intention to redouble their efforts to avoid turf battles. They will be meeting for the fifth time in Paris in mid-February, and meeting organizers appear serious about the urgent need for collaboration and reconciliation. Go to our Cardiac Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

Dr. Nicola H. Strickland has been a hugely influential figure in PACS during the past two decades, and she played a key role in the implementation of digital systems at London's Hammersmith Hospital in the 1990s. She's written a guest column for us about how teleradiology can help to cope with skill shortages. Visit our PACS Digital Community, or click here.

Mad cow disease and other variants of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) can be difficult to diagnose, but advances in MRI are helping. Italian researchers think every radiologist should know more about the MRI findings and characteristics of CJD. In an award-winning e-poster at RSNA 2012, they gave some practical tips. To learn more, go to our MRI Digital Community, or click here.

Lancet Oncology published an intriguing article last week about Africa. Due to limited access to mammography, researchers have developed a screening program in Sudan that relies on clinical breast exams and self-examination. The inexpensive program used local volunteers and resulted in earlier detection of breast cancer compared with when no screening takes place. Find out more in our Women's Imaging Digital Community, or by clicking here.

Last but not least, we feature royalty in two different news reports. The ruler of Dubai made a surprise visit to Arab Health, and then Queen Elizabeth opened an MRI suite in the U.K.

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