Fetal MRI advances; smartphones revisited; breast elastography

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Imaging is now playing a greater role in pregnancy, and there is a growing consensus that in many cases the risks are worth taking. For MRI, there are no reported adverse effects on fetal growth or development, although experts say care still must be taken in the appropriate use of the modality. Gadolinium-based contrast media, for instance, are not recommended because they cross the placenta.

Irish researchers have found that fetal MRI can complement prenatal ultrasound in evaluating suspected thoracic abnormalities, and that it can assist with planning of postnatal surgery. Visit our MRI Digital Community, or click here.

We've had an amazing response to our Maverinck column by Dr. Peter Rinck, PhD, on the use of smartphones by healthcare professionals since it went live two weeks ago. Clearly it struck a chord with many of you. The maverick radiologist has now revisited the topic, and you shouldn't miss his sequel. Get the story here.

Our editors track the major journals very closely, and European Radiology's new online article about breast elastography has caught our eye. The lead author, Dr. David Cosgrove, is a highly respected ultrasound researcher. To find out more, click here.

Radiologists at the world-famous Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, U.K., have reviewed their use of abdominal radiography in the emergency department. Click here to read more.

More whiplash patients are being seen in radiology departments, and Swiss researchers have concluded that 1.5-tesla MRI provides only limited evidence of changes to the cervical spine and surrounding tissues in patients with acute symptomatic injury. Their study has been published in Radiology. For the details, click here.

Our regular history column never ceases to entertain. This month, Dr. Adrian Thomas focuses on the origins of molecular imaging and nuclear medicine. Visit our newly expanded Molecular Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

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