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When it comes to cases of persistent or recurrent primary hyperparathyroidism, adopt a multimodality approach to imaging that includes PET/CT.

That's the overriding message of a master class given at RSNA 2020 by researchers at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London, who received a certificate of merit for their analysis. Don't miss our news report posted today.

It's widely agreed that the pandemic has had a particularly significant impact on the nuclear medicine sector in Europe. But how, exactly? To find out, we conducted interviews with two leading industry executives, and their responses are certainly revealing and full of insight.

When a leading expert on hybrid imaging says total-body PET brings important clinical benefits and may well be a game changer, it's time to sit up and take notice. In a keynote lecture at the recent Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live, Prof. Thomas Beyer from Vienna asked: Is total-body PET the next major advancement for the modality? He's a measured and calm person, but his enthusiasm for the technology was evident for all to see.

Any research conducted at the world-famous German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) deserves a close look. Our article about the DKFZ's latest experiences of hybrid imaging in patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is no exception.

Meanwhile, a group from the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam has used PET/CT with a radiopharmaceutical based on a prostate-specific membrane antigen to discover a pair of salivary glands. Sparing these glands during radiation therapy may prevent treatment side effects and improve quality of life for head and neck cancer patients.

Last but not least, investigators have developed and tested a fiberoptic evanescent wave spectroscopy system that can noninvasively identify and characterize skin cancers. They successfully identified cancerous lesions on the skin of patients by touching the suspicious regions for 30 seconds with an optical fiber connected to a mid-infrared spectrometer.

This newsletter highlights only a few of the reports posted recently in the Molecular Imaging Community. For the full list, see the lineup below.

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