U.K., U.S. organizations seek cancer research applicants

2017 09 14 23 05 1167 Cancer Cell 400

Cancer Research UK and the U.S. National Cancer Institute are seeking research applications to ensure nine core objectives are met.

In support of their partnership with Cancer Grand Challenges, an international initiative funded by both groups to create support for new cancer research ideas, they are asking researchers to apply to solve the following:

  1. Understand how some cells stay normal despite having cancer-causing mistakes in their DNA
  2. Determine how inflammation causes cancer
  3. Understand and treat extreme weight loss and deterioration of general health in people with late-stage cancer
  4. Understand how some cancers return years after treatment
  5. Understand how DNA outside of a person's chromosomes help cancer to survive and evolve
  6. Understand the pros and cons of e-cigarette use around the world
  7. Systemically deliver macromolecules to intracellular targets for therapeutic benefit in cancer
  8. Develop strategies to take away cancer cells' power to divide and eliminate them from the body
  9. Find new ways to treat solid tumors in children

Researchers have until 22 April 2021 to submit applications of interest.

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