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F18-FDG PET/CT is of well-established prognostic value in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). It allows the identification of poorly differentiated HCCs at the expense of a relatively lower sensitivity for the detection of well-differentiated HCCs, and the technique has also been shown to negatively correlate with tumor differentiation, French authors explain.

But how does F18-FDG PET/CT compare with contrast-enhanced MRI in this area? The team from Henri Mondor University Hospital in Créteil has addressed this question and published its findings in a recent article in European Radiology -- read more about the story in our news report.

Swedish and Dutch researchers are convinced that PET can be a more effective tool for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease with a new radiotracer they are using. Called RO-948, the tracer tends to accumulate in areas of the brain with concentrations of tau, a protein that builds up in individuals with the disease. The investigators tested the tracer in more than 600 patients, and their findings deserve a close look.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has taken action to ensure that nuclear medicine departments keep patients and staff safe during the pandemic. In the document, IAEA also warns practitioners about the potential for shortfalls in the supply of radioisotopes, such as molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), given current restrictions on global airline traffic due to COVID-19.

In related news, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has promised to allow medical isotopes to be carried on its planes from Europe to the U.S. The move is designed to keep supplies moving during the difficult period ahead.

Meanwhile, the Royal College of Radiologists has published its annual workforce report for the U.K., and the document contains some revealing data about the number of clinical radiologists with a special interest in radionuclide imaging and PET/CT.

This newsletter highlights only a few of the reports posted recently in the Molecular Imaging Community. For the full list, see the lineup below.

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