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Around a third of patients with undiagnosed and untreated pulmonary embolism (PE) generally don't survive. But when the condition is diagnosed and treated promptly, the number of deaths falls dramatically.

The good news is dual-energy CT can boost sensitivity and detection in cases of acute PE, particularly for endoluminal clots in small segmental or subsegmental lung vessels. A team from Würzburg, Germany, has shared its experiences and two sets of striking clinical images in an article posted today.

For many years now, CT has proved of great value in shining fresh light on mummies from ancient Egypt. Less attention is paid to Greenland's mummies, but a new investigation aims to provide extra information about them and fill the knowledge gap. Also, don't miss Dr. Adrian Thomas' history column about the radiologist and the curse of the mummy.

Meanwhile, the findings of a large safety study in Sweden were published last month. Alarmingly, 156 CT safety incidents occurred over a 12-month period, and only half of CT workers said they were confident of being aware of any incident occurring at their workplace.

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