Ferrari, Harley biker, & Superman scans; brain drain hits Austria; RCR president's diary

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

Using x-ray in art is not new, but what's original and fresh about Nick Veasey's work is the sheer size of the objects he scans. His new exhibition in Geneva contains incredibly detailed images of buses, cars, and motorbikes, as well as flowers, plants, and even Superman.

For a sneak preview and to find out how he does it, go to our Digital X-Ray Community, or click here.

Brain drain in radiology has been a recurring theme in Poland, Hungary, and some other Eastern European nations for many years; now Austrian hospitals are facing this problem. Our special feature looks at the factors behind the current crisis in Vienna and across the country. Click here to learn more.

Have you ever wondered what the head of a national radiological society really gets up to? The president of the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists, Dr. Giles Maskell, has written a candid and very personal blog about his varied activities during May. It's worth a read; to do so click here.

Meanwhile, researchers from Heidelberg University Hospital and the German Cancer Research Center have made a big impact at this week's Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging annual meeting in Canada by winning the prestigious Image of the Year award. Get the story here.

The ongoing debate over screening mammography took another turn last week, when a report in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that breast cancer screening reduces mortality by 40%. A team led by Stephen Duffy, from the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine in London, analyzed evidence from 11 randomized controlled trials and 40 observational studies to determine the positive and negative effects of different breast cancer screening methods. Visit our Women's Imaging Community, or click here.

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