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Concern remains high across Europe over the exposure of patients to radiation-bearing medical examinations, so prize-winning research from France about how to optimize the radiation dose delivered in chest CT looks certain to generate great interest.

The authors have some important observations and advice on ultralow-dose CT examinations. To read more, go to your CT Community, or click here.

Meanwhile, new analysis on lung cancer screening has come from the Netherlands and Belgium. The Nederlands-Leuvens Longkanker Screenings Onderzoek trial is investigating whether screening with low-dose CT can reduce lung cancer mortality by at least 25% versus no screening at 10 years of follow-up for individuals 50 to 75 years old. Find out the latest news here.

In the U.K., the Royal College of Radiologists has been looking at the safety of contrast media, and it has published new recommendations on the safe use of intravascular contrast agents. This 22-page document can be downloaded free of charge. Get the story here.

Consensus is growing that CT angiography is the best modality for the diagnosis and treatment planning of aortic pathologies, and treatment is now performed by either an open surgical approach or endovascular stent graft implantation. Austrian researchers have shared their experiences of this field. To learn more, click here.

Finally, Dr. Bernd Hamm from Berlin, the president of next week's ECR, has been speaking exclusively to us about his department, including the use of CT. Click here for the details, and check back from Wednesday for our live coverage of the congress in Vienna.

This letter has summarized only a small selection of the wide range of articles posted over the past few weeks in your CT Community. For the full list, please see below.

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