Will outsourcing kill radiology? How to spot awkward patients; structured reports

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There's a real danger that radiologists will become human battery hens, and the profession will change dramatically due to the growing trend toward outsourcing of reporting images. That's the view of renowned radiologist Dr. Nicola Strickland, who took part in a lively debate at last week's U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC) in Liverpool.

We've recreated the debate and produced a video involving the key participants. To find out more, click here.

Experts are urging radiologists to have closer contact with patients, but let's face it; some patients aren't exactly a joy to deal with. It's best to be prepared for the troublemakers, but how can you identity them? Dr. Paul McCoubrie gives some tips in his latest column. Get them here.

Structured reporting will become much more widespread in the future, predicts Dr. Jan Bosmans, PhD, from Belgium. In another video from UKRC 2013, he explains more about structured reports and how to introduce them into daily practice. He is joined by our health informatics columnist Dr. Neelam Dugar. Go to our Healthcare Informatics Digital Community, or click here.

A comprehensive European survey about the use of ultrasound has been published, and it makes fascinating reading. Among the topics covered are training and education, availability of equipment, and examinations performed outside the radiology department. Click here to read more.

Detectors for use in time-of-flight PET must offer high detection efficiency, good spatial and energy resolution, and excellent timing resolution, as well as provide depth of interaction information. Important progress is being made in this area. Learn more in our Molecular Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

Finally, German researchers have discovered that combining CT perfusion scans with CT angiography can improve the diagnosis of coronary artery disease in stent patients. Visit our Cardiac Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

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