Week in Review: Giles Maskell tackles technology | 10-point checklist for breast AI | Coroner puts focus on radiology

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As all football fans will tell you – at length, if you allow them to do so -- the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee has transformed the game over the past couple of seasons.

Our popular columnist Dr. Giles Maskell believes radiology can learn from this experience. How exactly? Find out by reading his words of wisdom.

Carrying on this technological theme, researchers from Rome have compiled an easy-to-follow and concise list of 10 reasons why you should care about breast AI. The strength of their approach is they're optimistic about the future, yet also realistic about the difficult path to implementation.

In other news from the world of women's imaging, a French group has reported its latest findings on breast implant rupture. The authors are convinced shear-wave elastography has a role to play in these cases.

By far our most viewed article this week was about the inquest into the death of a 9-month-old baby in the U.K. The coroner's report has opened a discussion about the availability of on-call radiology and access to emergency x-ray and ultrasound exams.

As we reported a month ago, the ESR election in January was between the Netherlands and Spain. The results have now been posted, and the decisive winner in the contest was CT pioneer Prof. Mathias Prokop. You can find out about his agenda in Liana Gruenberg's article.

Philip Ward
Editor in Chief

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