Week in Review: Controversy breaks out in Kerry | Lessons of cyberattack | Brain tumors in melanoma cases

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It was an unexpectedly busy end to the year for Dr. Martin Schranz. After his tweet about an empty hospital vending machine went viral, he was suspended from work, and then he launched a virtual reality company. It all happens in County Kerry, it seems...

Schranz was the lone radiologist in Tralee hospital, on the west coast of Ireland, for nearly 15 years, but it appears his relations with hospital management turned extremely sour in 2023. For the full story, go to this week's lead article.

Our second top story also comes from Ireland. A group of clinicians have shared their experiences of the 2021 cyberattack on the healthcare system. In their article posted on 2 January, they give an honest assessment of the incident and the lessons to be learnt from the unfortunate episode.

Melanoma is the third most common metastatic tumor to the brain and accounts for around 10% of all developed brain metastases, and while F-18 FDG-PET/CT is accurate for detecting melanoma metastases, data on its baseline prognostic value are scarce, Austrian authors write. They investigated the technique's value in predicting brain metastases in patients with proven melanoma.

Given the unprecedented pace of AI development, it's vital to test AI integration into clinical workflows, U.S. researchers believe. Among other findings, they reported that biased AI model predictions with explanations lowered accuracy by as much as 9%.

Finally, in case you missed it just before the holidays began, you should also read our report from RSNA 2023 about the role of AI in detecting TB.

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