Labour Party plans to double number of NHS scanners in England

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If elected to power, the Labour Party plans to double number of National Health Service (NHS) scanners in England in an attempt to reduce examination waiting times, according to a statement released on 9 October by the U.K. Society of Radiographers (SoR).

The party said it expects to increase the number of CT and MRI scanners in hospitals as part of a 171-million-pound (198-million-euro) initiative.

Although the SoR lauded the announcement, it also reiterated concerns about the ongoing radiographer staffing crisis.

"Britain has fallen dangerously behind because of poor political choices failing to match rising demand for radiography," said SoR director of industrial strategy, Dean Rogers, in the society's statement. "These poor choices are the reason for the waiting list ... [and] we haven't heard anything about the increased staffing budget to work the new kit."

In a response statement from the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR), also released on 9 October, RCR President Dr. Kath Halliday said that "a lack of investment has meant that while some trusts are working with the latest kit, many are falling behind."

"We welcome this promised investment in newer, faster equipment and supporting technology, which will help reduce the variation we see across the country," Halliday said. "Together with plans to build the diagnostic workforce, this will give more patients the best chance of a swift diagnosis."

For further details, go to the SoR website.

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