EANM announces birthday celebration plans

2018 12 11 00 02 7009 Atom Nuclear Lab 400

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) will celebrate its 38th birthday on 6 September, and it's urging everybody to celebrate the nuclear medicine community's achievements.

The association invites people to share a photo that brings back strong memories. This could be a first-time participation in an EANM event, a picture of a congress first attended, or a group picture with fellow EANM committee members among others, the association says. It asks that on 6 September, interested people take the following steps to participate:

  • Publish a selected picture on your LinkedIn feed.
  • Tag our official account in your post (@EANM).
  • Add the hashtag #EANMAnniversary.

The top submission will receive a prize during the EANM 2023 annual meeting.

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