Cyprus vows to implement ESR's iGuide

2021 11 12 22 22 7296 Medical Student Tablet Conference 400

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) has announced that its iGuide clinical decision support (CDS) system will be implemented in referral workflows across Cyprus. It is the first such procurement for a nation-wide implementation of a radiology referral CDS in Europe, the ESR said.

Health Insurance Organization Cyprus has selected ESR's iGuide for national implementation in a public procurement process. Embedding guidance in this way helps ensure consistency in medical practice, with CDS-driven referrals making referral workflows more efficient, according to the ESR.

Cyprus' General Healthcare System serves over 900,000 people, covering much of the country's population of around 1.25 million.

β€œThe General Healthcare System in Cyprus provides universal health coverage and was introduced in June 2019, first for outpatient care services, followed by phase II in June 2020, with the addition of all remaining services including inpatient care,” stated Athos Tsinontides, acting director general.

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