MSK radiologists release 'Stand with Ukraine' video

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Musculoskeletal (MSK) radiologists from Norway have produced a video about the current realities of living and working in Ukraine. It provides a voice for those whose lives and careers have been transformed since the Russian invasion.

The organizers of last week's Norwegian MSK webinar (Drs. Vidar Laurits Kloster and Volker Lapczynski) put together a special 20-minute session, called "Stand with Ukraine," to launch their meeting. The event, Larvikkurset 2023, took place on 20 and 21 April.

The video features Dr. Uliana Pidvalna, PhD, and several Ukrainian MSK radiologists.The video features Dr. Uliana Pidvalna, PhD, and several Ukrainian MSK radiologists.

The video includes coverage from the session. It begins with an introduction by Dr. Uliana Pidvalna, PhD, who was one of 10 recipients of the ESR's 2022 European Radiology Review Fellowships and has been interviewed by at the past two ECRs.

Other contributors to the video are MSK radiologists Dr. Nataliia Nehria from Kyiv (currently living and working in Berlin), Dr. Kateryna Berbets from Kyiv (London), Dr. Yuliia Litynska from Kyiv, Dr. Kateryna Radchenko from Kyiv (Göttingen, Germany), and Dr. Marina Urina from Kyiv (Vienna).

You can watch the 14-minute video at this YouTube link.

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