NICE gives green light to Endomag's magnetic tracer

2020 07 15 17 09 6234 Quality Check Mark 400

The U.K.'s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended Endomag's magnetic lymphatic tracer Magtrace for use in sentinel lymph node biopsy procedures.

Magtrace is injected into the breast and enters the lymphatic system, following the route that potential cancer cells would take if migrating from a breast tumor up into the sentinel lymph nodes, according to Endomag. The tracer then sits in those nodes for up to 30 days and provides a signal for the lymph nodes to be identified, removed, and analyzed to indicate the presence of invasive cancer.

While many U.K. hospitals have already been using Magtrace for years, NICE recommendations are extremely influential in demonstrating to NHS hospitals that a technology can offer improved performance and cost savings, Endomag representatives said.

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