Molecular imaging proves value in lymphoma cases

2020 03 20 17 20 3853 Cancer Radiotherapy 400

In a free podcast from the British Institute of Radiology (BIR) podcast, four respected sources from the molecular imaging community have highlighted how advances in imaging and radiotherapy are of growing importance in the management of lymphoma cases.

In the BIR offering, Prof. Tim Illidge, Prof. George Mikhaeel, Prof. Lena Specht, and Prof. Joachim Yahalom elaborated on the total metabolic tumor volume as a surrogate marker for the total tumor burden and how PET and PET/CT are used in the management of lymphoma patients. Also, they talked about advanced techniques for optimal radiation therapy of lymphomas, motion in lymphoma imaging, the challenges and opportunities of image-guided personalized risk-adaptation, and other topics.

"Molecular imaging, particularly with FDG PET, shows areas of increased metabolism in tissues and most lymphomas accumulate FDG more than normal tissues," Mikhaeel said. "Compared to CT scanning, which is based on anatomical criteria, mainly size and architectural changes, FDG PET is more accurate at staging and also in assessing response to treatment."

For optimal planning of modern radiotherapy, we are highly dependent on imaging, and optimal imaging will allow us to give the best possible radiotherapy, noted Specht in the BIR podcast.

You can listen to the 23-minute free podcast on the BIR website.

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