2 leading German scientists collect Roentgen plaques

2021 09 20 16 40 5999 2021 09 20 Roentgen Plaque

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schlegel, a pioneer of medical physics, and GĂĽnther Hasinger, PhD, an astrophysicist, both received the Roentgen x-ray medal at a special presentation held in Remscheid, Germany, on 18 September.

Schlegel was named the 2021 recipient for his achievements in the development of intensity-modulated conformal radiation therapy. Hasinger was named the 2020 recipient for his research in the field of x-ray astronomy. Currently, Hasinger is working on the weak fluctuations in the cosmic x-ray and infrared background, which indicate the existence of a very early population of black holes.

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 medal ceremony had to be canceled.

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