What should sonographers say about fetal ultrasound anomalies?

2019 04 15 23 11 1614 Fetal Ultrasound 400

The ability to detect congenital anomalies in the fetus has improved significantly over recent years, and ultrasound at around 20 weeks of gestation is now a routine part of antenatal care, U.K. researchers wrote in an article posted on 5 July by the Society of Radiographers.

Dr. Ruth Lester, a former surgeon at Birmingham Children's Hospital, and Dr. Mark Kilby, from Birmingham Women's Foundation Trust Hospital, acknowledged that congenital upper limb anomalies that may present on ultrasound can cause concern and anxiety for parents.

The authors wrote that when such anomalies are detected on ultrasound, sonographers should be honest about uncertainty to parents, as well as give clear instructions on next steps.

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