Misdiagnosis leads to mastectomy for nurse who didn't have cancer

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A hospice nurse in the north of England received a mastectomy after being incorrectly diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, according to a report posted on 28 June by BBC News.

After initially being diagnosed in February 2020 at Barnsley Hospital after a routine screening appointment and biopsy, 65-year-old Brenda Young of Hoylandswaine received a mastectomy and was then told she actually didn't have cancer, BBC News reported. She subsequently had to wait nine months for breast reconstruction surgery due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barnsley Hospital. Image courtesy of Scott Bairstow / Alamy Stock Photo.Barnsley Hospital. Image courtesy of Scott Bairstow / Alamy Stock Photo.

After being contacted by medical negligence lawyers, Barnsley Hospital NHS Trust apologized to Young that the standard of care she received was below what she had a right to expect. In addition, the Trust has identified "actions and learning" that will be monitored through its governance procedures, according to BBC News.

The Trust noted that a doctor did not seek a second opinion when analyzing test results before arriving at Young's diagnosis of invasive breast cancer.

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