European cancer group releases 10 patient rights

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The European Cancer Organization released a new initiative on 23 September that lists 10 key rights of cancer patients.

The rights explain what cancer patients should expect from their healthcare systems in terms of care and support. The rights are as follows:

  1. Equal access to affordable care
  2. Information about the disease and treatment
  3. Information about the quality and safety of care, the level of expertise, and the outcomes achieved for the particular cancer type
  4. Specialized multidisciplinary care
  5. Shared decision-making
  6. To be informed about research and innovation
  7. Quality of life
  8. Integrated supportive and palliative care
  9. A plan for survivorship and rehabilitation
  10. Reintegration

The European Code of Cancer Practice has been translated into several European languages. It has also been endorsed by the European Society of Radiology (ESR).

More information about the code may be viewed here.

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