How to adapt breast screening amid COVID-19

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Dr Jones & Partners Medical Imaging, the Australian-based practice, has explained how staff members have changed their procedures for breast screening in light of the pandemic.

In a blog issued by breast imaging software developer Volpara Solutions, Catherine Hill, the chief of modality at Dr Jones & Partners, has offered guidance on how to position patients during breast screenings. She recommends that radiographers do the following:

  • Move away from a patient's face during the craniocaudal view
  • Instruct a patient to look away during the mediolateral oblique view
  • Conduct interviews at a safe distance
  • Be as efficient as possible when positioning to reduce the time spent in close proximity to patients.

Furthermore, the practice's radiologists have reduced the time that they spend in rooms with patients. They no longer shake hands, and they stand at the ends of the patients' beds. Also, they wear masks when interventional procedures are performed.

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