MILabs to install optical imaging, CT systems in Switzerland

2020 02 15 00 24 2471 Mi Labs Duet Optical Imaging Module 400

Preclinical imaging developer MILabs will install its in vivo optical imaging and diagnostic x-ray CT systems at the University of Lausanne and the Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland.

The systems will be installed at the In-Vivo Imaging Facility and serve a dual optical imaging function. The Duet Optical Imaging Module can be used on a docking station for 2D in vivo planar bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging of up to 10 mice at one time, the company said. Also, it can be mounted on the MILabs x-ray CT platform to allow for quantitative CT-guided 3D optical tomography images to be obtained with both bioluminescence and fluorescence probes.

MILabs' Duet Optical Imaging Module. Image courtesy of MILabs.MILabs' Duet Optical Imaging Module. Image courtesy of MILabs.
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