Stereotaxis, Galgo successfully treat cardiac arrhythmias

Cardiac arrhythmia patients have been successfully treated for the first time with Galgo Medical's advanced preoperative substrate mapping and image-guided surgical firm Stereotaxis' robotic magnetic navigation technologies.

The first integrated procedures were completed by Dr. Pedro Adragão of Hospital da Luz in Lisbon.

Galgo's Automatic Detection of Arrhythmic Substrate (ADAS) 3D software helps identify possible sources of dangerous irregular heartbeats and provides a map to guide physicians in delivering treatment. The software uses preoperative cardiac MRI to generate detailed 3D cardiac models that identify arrhythmia substrate and characterize cardiac tissue.

The latest version of Stereotaxis' software integrates with ADAS 3D's images and allows physicians to utilize them to guide therapy during robotic cardiac ablation procedures.

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