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As emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and 3D printing become increasingly more commonplace in clinical research, various groups have begun investigating which techniques might be most effective for specific applications.

In the case of acetabular fractures, both VR and 3D printing have shown that they can help physicians understand the complex anatomy and help them decide on the most appropriate surgical treatment. But which is more helpful for classifying acetabular fractures, VR or 3D printing? Researchers from the Netherlands explored this question in a new study comparing these two techniques.

3D printing has proved useful for other clinical applications as well. Researchers from Australia concluded that patient-specific 3D-printed heart models based on cardiac MRI and CT scans offered added value to the management of congenital heart disease in a systematic review and meta-analysis. A group from Israel also found that 3D-printed head models could optimize head positioning for intratympanic steroid injections.

Advanced visualization techniques have additionally shown they can help clinicians address concerns associated with traditional imaging, including exposure to CT radiation and gadolinium contrast.

  • In a recent study from the European Journal of Radiology, a team of investigators from the U.K. discovered that the type of volumetry software used to measure nodules in CT lung cancer screening exams can significantly influence recall rates for follow-up examinations.
  • A separate team from the U.K. developed a new 3D MRI technique that relies on computational mathematics to calculate cardiac muscle strain, removing the need for gadolinium enhancement.

Finally, 3D printing and other advanced visualization techniques will be one of the key topics at the French national radiology congress (JFR), which begins in Paris on 11 October. JFR President Prof. Catherine Adamsbaum elaborates on her own work and gives a preview of the upcoming congress in an exclusive interview with

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