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The emergence of augmented reality (AR) technology in recent years has prompted the development of numerous clinical applications, from enhancing the visualization of complex anatomy to simulating interventional procedures.

In a recent article from Poland, researchers explored the viability of using AR to facilitate the repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. They describe their process for creating AR-compatible 3D models based on CT angiography scans and also the extent to which AR benefited the surgical procedure.

Generating 3D models based on imaging data is essential to the integration of not only AR but also 3D printing in medicine. To that end, researchers from Australia made a 3D-printed head model from a combination of MRI and CT angiography scans that allows for the realistic simulation of neurosurgical procedures. A separate group from France also created patient-specific 3D-printed models but to plan organ-sparing surgery for patients with kidney cancer.

Beyond aiding procedures, 3D imaging has also proved capable of helping predict health risks following treatment. A new proof-of-concept study conducted in Finland and the U.S., for example, demonstrated the capacity of 3D knee models based on MRI scans to estimate patients' likelihood of developing osteoarthritis after undergoing repair for an anterior cruciate ligament tear.

In other news, researchers from Switzerland produced highly photorealistic images of maxillofacial anatomy and pathology using the global illumination technique of cinematic rendering. The high quality of the cinematic rendering images improved their spatial understanding of complex anatomy and may be ideal for training students and residents, according to the group.

Finally, gastrointestinal and abdominal imaging specialists have used advanced visualization techniques to look for possible complications in patients following liver transplantation. The specialists from Spain provide some tips and tricks in an in-depth article.

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