French government recognizes national radiology council

The French Ministry of Health has officially recognized the country's professional council for radiology and medical imaging (G4). The G4 unites the national radiology society (SFR), France's college of radiology teachers (CERF), and the private and state radiology unions (FNMR and SRH, respectively).

The G4 has met the ministry's requirements by changing its operation and composition in terms of statutes, internal regulations, and management, according to a statement released by G4 on 26 August.

These changes were in line with a mandate published on 9 January that stipulated the tasks, composition, and running of national professional councils (Conseils nationaux professionnels, CNP). The adjustments have broadened the role of such councils to make them the preferred contact point for health institutions specializing in areas such as quality, safety, continuous education, and healthcare organization.

As a next step, the G4 expects to sign an agreement with the government.

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