Putin's daughter becomes nuclear medicine shareholder

Russian President Vladimir Putin's daughter Maria Vorontsova has become a shareholder in a new company developing a 568 million euro medical center near St. Petersburg that will include nuclear medicine facilities, according to a report from the Moscow Times.

The company, called Nomeko, was founded in January of this year. It is developing the 200,000-sq-m center to include an oncology facility, a multidisciplinary clinic, a rehabilitation and sports center, an educational complex, and a nuclear medicine center.

The newspaper reported that "little is publicly known about Vorontsova, who has never been officially confirmed as Putin's daughter." One of the project's main investors is a company called Sogaz, which is partially owned by a Putin associate, banker Yuri Kovalchuk, according to the Times. Sogaz has invested 427 million euros in the project to date.

In another report about the project, Crime Russia stated that Vorontsova has a 20% share in Nomeko.

The center will open in 2021, according to the Times.

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