Michael Forsting on brain imaging | DRG unveils important book at RöKo 2019 | Future of MR contrast

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Today is a very special one for German radiology, because the doors opened for the 100th national congress, RöKo 2019. The meeting runs until Saturday in Leipzig, and over 7,000 attendees are expected.

To mark the occasion, we have an exclusive interview with Prof. Michael Forsting, one of the three congress presidents. He has shared his latest thoughts on brain imaging, as well as his hopes and expectations for this week's event.

Our second story from RöKo 2019 is about a major new publication from the German Radiological Society (DRG). The book took 18 months to research and involved input from 15 radiologists, medical physicists, and medical-technical radiologist assistants.

The first installment of the Maverinck's column on the future of MRI proved popular last week, and now we have the second part, which looks at contrast agents. He's worked in this field for nearly 40 years, so he should know what he's talking about. Go to the MRI Community.

Meanwhile, research presented at this month's International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine annual meeting showed that excellent scans of the shoulder can be acquired in 25 minutes at 7-tesla MRI. The authors also revealed details about the protocols they use. Don't miss our report.

News broke at the end of last week about growing problems facing the Danish breast screening program. Invitations to large numbers of women were not sent, according to newspaper reports. Visit our Women's Imaging Community.

On a more positive note, Dutch investigators have found that a reversed contrast-enhanced mammography hanging protocol reduces reading time by a third without compromising diagnostic performance.

Please make sure you check back regularly to our home page over the next few days for further coverage from RöKo 2019 and the EuroSon congress, which starts tomorrow in Granada, Spain.

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