MartĂ­-BonmatĂ­ honored by Portuguese university

Dr. Luis MartĂ­-BonmatĂ­, PhD, has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

The doctor honoris causa of the university's faculty of medicine was bestowed upon MartĂ­-BonmatĂ­, who is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board, on 26 May.

He currently serves as the director of ​​medical imaging at La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital and the chief of radiology at Quirón Hospital, both located in Valencia, Spain. He is also a co-founder of advanced image analysis software developer QUIBIM and the director of its scientific advisory board.

MartĂ­-BonmatĂ­'s career and research have focused on liver MRI and CT, abdominal and pelvic MRI, contrast agents, image processing, and imaging biomarkers. He was named editor in chief of Insights into Imaging in April 2018.

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