Prokop cuts through the AI hype | Market launch looms for embedded AI x-ray units | Second-look breast ultrasound advances

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As the hype over artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow, who better to turn to for some common sense and reason than a calm, balanced Dutchman?

Step forward Dr. Mathias Prokop. In Rotterdam on Saturday, he shared his thoughts on AI. Radiologists must decide which routine tasks they don't like and how they can complete these quickly with AI, while industry needs to develop systems that support radiologists so they can optimize their real skills, he said.

For the full story, go to our Imaging Informatics Community, or click here.

X-ray machines embedded with AI are due for a commercial launch in 2019. They will be capable of screening for pneumothorax and other conditions and also prioritizing these in the radiology worklist, predicts industry analyst Simon Harris. He thinks Central and Eastern Europe will be early adopters of this "smart" equipment. Find out more here.

In a study of nearly 2,000 breast MRI exams, Italian researchers prospectively evaluated second-look ultrasound using volume navigation for MRI-detected additional breast lesions. What were their key findings? Head to the Women's Imaging Community, or click here.

Hyperpolarization promises to increase the signal-to-noise ratio in MRI, but the process is long, cumbersome, and expensive. A new European project, MetaboliQs, aims to overcome these problems by combining diamond-based quantum sensing and medical imaging to foster the molecular understanding and personalized care of cardiovascular diseases. Get the full details here.

In a second cardiac article posted this week, a Dutch team found an automated heart valve-tracking algorithm halved the amount of time and variability involved in blood-flow quantification with 4D MRI. This may help convince clinicians that cardiac 4D MRI is useful for assessing valvular heart disease. Click here to learn more.

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