France publishes 20-point patient charter

France's national union of independent radiologists (Fédération Nationale des Médecins Radiologues, FNMR) together with numerous patient associations has renewed its patient-radiologist charter created 20 years ago.

With the intention of consolidating the patient-radiologist relationship and placing patients at the center of their own care, the renewed charter, co-signed by the French family association Familles de France, will be displayed in all private radiology centers as a poster. The poster's principal aim is for each party to better meet the expectations of the other, according to a statement released by FNMR.

"The patient associations for example, wanted to put the radiologist at the heart of their management, through the radiologist prioritizing exchange with other specialties involved in their healthcare, and prescribing appropriate exams for their pathologies. These new patient expectations naturally can be fulfilled as these are necessary for patients to benefit from the radiologist's expertise during the appointment," according to a statement released by the FNMR on 6 November.

For the radiologist, one goal, for example, is to simplify the administrative requirements for exams so as to focus better on the patient's health and to reduce waiting times by streamlining the patient's management within the imaging center, FNMR stated. A total of 20 "win-win" commitments were shared equally between radiologists and patients to the benefit of all parties.

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